Range View teachers will schedule two formal conferences during the school year. The first semester conference will be teacher-led and the second semester conference will be student-led.

Teacher-Led Conferences

Our first conference is a traditional conference between the parents and the teachers. This is the time to discuss your child’s progress at school and focus on specific strengths and needs in individual subjects. There is also an opportunity to find solutions to academic or behavioral challenges.

In order to best prepare for your conference, it would be helpful if you could arrive with any questions or information you may have about your child. Here are a few things to think about:

  • Goals you have for your child
  • Achievements and strengths
  • Social and behavioral concerns
  • How your child feels about school
  • Friendships
  • Organization, independence, and time management skills
  • Things you’ve noticed in your child’s work.

Student-Led Conferences

As part of our Primary Years Programme, the students are required to lead the second semester conference.

Classroom teachers will help prepare the students before their conference by giving time and guidance in preparing and practicing their presentations. During the conference you can expect to see work samples from their IB student portfolio and talk with you about their growth as a learner. They may also ask you to help them set personal goals and take you on a tour of the other areas in the school where learning takes place.

We believe the parents’ role is vital to the success of this conference and it’s important you see yourselves as an integral part of this discussion. To help make this conference successful for your child, you can do the following: be positive, interested, ask questions, and listen carefully. Classroom teachers will have a list of questions to help you guide your child through this process. This is a wonderful time to celebrate your child’s learning. Be prepared to write a brief reflection for your child about their conference afterwards.

If requested, your child’s teacher would be happy to discuss any questions/concerns you have about your child’s progress outside the student-led conference.

Why have Student-Led Conferences?

  • They help students take more responsibility for their part in the learning process.
  • They help develop and support qualities for the Learner Profile.
  • They present an opportunity for students to share learning with their parents.
  • They get students involved in the selection of work to show parents and identify points of strength and areas for further growth.
  • They provide parents with an opportunity to discuss their child’s work and identify ways they can offer support to help their child achieve their goals.
  • They provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their learning, set goals for continued growth, and demonstrate their communication skills and the attributes of the IB Learner Profile in the process.