Learning Coaches, Nutrition Services, School Resource Officers

Our school is supported by a variety of team members focused on providing a holistic approach to learning and the school environment.

Learning Coaches

Learning coaches support all educators through personalized coaching and professional learning, fostering effective, exciting, and meaningful learning experiences for all.

  • Learning Coach / IB Coordinator - Tracy Ryberg
  • Learning Coach / Library Media Specialist - Kristin Gunther

Nutrition Services

Healthy bodies support healthy minds. Our Nutrition Services team works to provide two nutritious and delicious meals each school day. Learn more about Nutrition Services.

  • Nutritional Services Kitchen Manager - Rita Jungemann
  • Nutritional Services Staff - Lea Anne Quint
  • Nutritional Services Staff - Monica Martinez
  • Nutritional Services Staff - Yuki Van Wormer

School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers keep a focus on safety and security at all of our school campuses, contributing to a safe learning environment. Learn more about Safety & Security.

  • School Resource Officer - Officer Geraldine Yanke
Counseling Office, Facilities and Maintenance, Health Office

Counseling Office

The counseling office provides mental health support / counseling.

  • Counselor - Sherri Barber

Facilities and Maintenance

Supporting the physical needs of our building, our facilities team ensures that our school environment is clean and conducive to learning. Discover more about Facilities & Maintenance.

  • Day Custodian - William Russell

Health Office

The health office team strives to maximize each students’ potential by removing health-related barriers to learning. Learn more about the district’s Health Services.

  • District Nurse - Ashlyn Rodriguez-Caro
  • Health Room Aide - Karen Jalack
Administration and Office Staff