Throughout the year we offer a variety of activities and clubs. Follow our weekly newsletter for more information as opportunities arise.

Trail Singers: We offer an extracurricular singing group for 5th grade called the Range View Trail Singers. This group will allow your student to expand their musical experience outside of our general music class. Trail Singers concentrate on warm-ups/vocal health, advanced repertoire, aural skills/music reading, rhythm, movement, and performance. We have fun while working hard! Trail Singers is a perfect group for students who love music and are dedicated to learning more about it.

Range View News Team: The Range View News Team is a group of creative students who inform, educate, and entertain the Range View community through weekly video broadcasts. It is open to all grade levels, and requires one meeting each week after school, as well as some occasional independent work during the school day. The group meets for the duration of the school year.

Girls Who Code: The Girls Who Code Club is held each fall. Girls in grades 3-5 that participate in our club not only gain new coding skills, but also show more confidence in themselves and their abilities as they participate in class, lead group discussions, and interact with their peers.

Boys Who Code: The Boys Who Code Club is held in the spring. Boys in grades 3-5 that participate in the club learn to build mini robots with LEGOs and program them using a coding application on an iPad.

Battle of the Books: Battle of the Books is sponsored by the Clearview Library District, and students are selected through an application process. Teams read eight books chosen by the Clearview Library. To help teams prepare for the Battle, they meet biweekly with their coach during recess. At the end of the school year, teams from across the district come together at the Clearview Library to battle it out!