Learning to ask strong questions can lead a student to learn more about a topic. The Primary Years Programme encourages students to develop their understanding of the concepts:

Form - What is it like?

  • The understanding that everything has a form with recognizable features that can be observed, identified, described, and categorized.

Function - How does it work?

  • The understanding that everything has a purpose, a role or way of behaving that can be investigated.

Causation - Why is it like it is?

  • The understanding that things do not just happen, that there are causal relationships at work, and that actions have consequences.

Change - How is it changing?

  • The understanding that change is the process of movement from one state to another; it is universal and inevitable.

Connection - How is it connected to other things?

  • The understanding that we live in a world of interacting systems in which the actions of any individual element affect others.

Perspective - What are the points of view?

  • The understanding that knowledge is moderated by perspectives; different perspectives lead to different interpretations, understandings and findings; perspectives may be individual, group, cultural, or disciplinary.

Responsibility - What is our responsibility?

  • The understanding that people make choices based on their understandings, and the actions they take as a result do make a difference.