Range View's art program encourages students to participate encourages students to participate in the creative process by connecting to the transdisciplinary themes through an inquiry-based approach to learning. Exploration of art materials, techniques, artists, and art history are intertwined through key concepts. Students are expected to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and be able to express themselves through the language of art.


Range View's music program allows students to explore a multitude of musical genres, cultures, and instruments through an inquiry approach. They are encouraged to be creative, collaborate, and incorporate new ideas while expanding on the Colorado State Standards of Music. Students have the chance to express themselves, be open- minded, and reflect on the musical process in a safe and caring environment where taking a risk is celebrated.

Physical Education

Range View's physical education program seeks to instill healthy habits and attitudes toward movement and nutrition. Students are encouraged to approach movement opportunities with an open mind and an attitude of commitment. The goal of this program is to promote skills and knowledge that will help students develop as confident, competent movers in the hopes that this will lead to a lifetime of physical activity.


Range View offers Spanish as an additional language, and all students, grades K-5, receive direct Spanish language and culture instruction. We offer students a second language at the elementary level because research supports that language acquisition occurs best at an early age, and it is an integral part of being an internationally minded school. Learning about the diverse cultures of the Spanish-speaking world is a focus in all grades.


Range View Trailblazers are taught to be good digital citizens using the Common Sense Media Curriculum. Students in all grades work on hands-on projects that corresponds to our IB transdisciplinary themes, as well as learn to code using several different coding applications.

Specials Classes